the process

The feeling you get when you complete something is great. What I am starting to realize and slowly learning to appreciate, is the power of the PROCESS. I have always been excited as I begin to work on something, the envisioning and dreaming comes natural. The final product at the end is the reward, right?

So...What about the "in between?" This is where it often gets messy. I don't normally like a mess :) What I do like about the mess in the process of creating is that I have confidence in it... What I mean, is I have seen over and over how what I thought would work, didn't. I have also been forced, due to my own mistake, to go to plan B. It almost always leads me to a different end result. I have learned to like the excitement of NOT knowing how it will all end, but trusting I will love it. Now, if I could just apply the same principle to life.

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