its a girl

There must be something in the water...everyone 
seems to be havin' a girl!
This surcee is for my dear friend and her much prayed 
for daughter, who I CAN'T wait to meet!

Tips appreciated

For the next two weekends, Second Presbyterian Church will be hosting our annual Tea Room. All proceeds from the sale of our wonderful salads, sandwiches and desserts go toward missions.
 This is the tip jar I made. It will sit upfront with me (the cashier.) Drop by and check out the live music, and good eats. 342 Meeting Street 11am-2pm

Donate Here

Ever wonder what to do with your old bibles? Maybe you have old translations you no longer use, or like me, stacks of bibles you somehow "inherited" from countless family members. Whatever the reason for the surplus, think about donating them to a person who is in need of one. Check out the Charleston Bible Society and learn more about how to use what you have to help others and maybe make some room on your bookshelves at the same time!

P.S. Yes, the box was made by me. Well...not MADE, but decorated by me.

Yarn wrapped wire

  The hardest part of this project is figuring out the word you want to spell. :) You will need some pliable wire, your favorite yarn and your trusty hot glue gun.
 Start at one end and begin wrapping yarn. Pay attention to keeping it tight and the rows close together (a little hot glue never hurt) Give it a try, see what you can create!

Anybody got a one cent stamp?

This is a surcee for someone special. 
I raided my scrapbook paper and decorated a 
cute pink box I had been saving (because of the cute
 ribbon that pulls open the container) 
With the constant change increase in postage costs,
 every lady needs a place to hold all her stamps.